We know that you come to GiftCardBin to get the best discounts on your favorite brands but what about when you want to buy a NEW gift card that isn't second-hand? 

GiftCardBin now offers NEW gift cards. 

These are direct from your favorite retailers and can be used online or in-store. Just find your favorite merchant and the card will be emailed directly to you so you can print or forward on to the recipient of your choice. 

NEW/Retailer-Direct Gift Card FAQ

Where can I find New/Retailer-direct cards on your site? 

  • You can type your desired retailer name into our search box. If we carry new cards for that retailer, you will see it in the drop down list: 
  • You can also click on the "NEW" gift card category on the left hand side of any page to be taken to our New Gift Card page where all new gift cards are listed. 

Are these second-hand gift cards in any way?

  • No! These are brand-new/retailer-direct gift cards just like you would buy if you went to their website and purchased a gift card directly from them.

Are these gift cards discounted?

  • Because these are brand-new and direct from our retail partner, these gift cards are not discounted in any way. 

Can I use a coupon on NEW cards? 

  • No, due to special stipulations which allow us to offer these cards to you, you cannot use a coupon code on New/Retailer-direct cards. 

Are these physical cards? 

  • These direct from the retailer gift cards are only available in digital formats which will be emailed to the email associated to your GiftCardBin account and will contain a card number (and sometimes PIN) along with a barcode that you can scan to use in-store where applicable. 

How will I receive my gift card information?

  • Unlike our regular, discounted cards the card information for these cards will only be emailed to your email on file. While you will find information about your order in your order history, you will not find the gift card number or PIN there. 

Does your regular '100 day guarantee' apply to these cards also? 

  •  Because these are brand-new and directly from our retail partners, and emailed to you, these will not be covered under our regular 100 day guarantee. If there is an issue with your card, and the card does not have the stated balance, please email us at customerservice@giftcardbin.com so we can investigate the issue and resolve. 

Can I return or cancel my order for these cards? 

  • Because gift cards are as sensitive as cash, once the card information has been emailed to you, we cannot accept returns, exchanges or cancellations on your order.  All gift card sales for new/retailer-direct gift cards are final. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions if you would like additional details on this policy.

How long will it take to get my card information emailed to me? 

  • NEW gift card orders take up 1 business days to be emailed to your email on file and in some cases up to 2 days depending on if your order requires additional verification.  After placing an order, you may be subject to additional verification and may receive an email from us requesting to call in to go through the verification process. The verification process takes about 5 minutes. Once you've successfully completed it, you will receive your order within 10 minutes to your GiftCardBin account.  If you have not received your card information by 5pm the following business day after placing your order, please email us at customerservice@giftcardbin.com

Can I have my gift card information emailed to a different email address? 

  • Due to the sensitive nature of gift cards, orders will only be emailed to the email on file associated with your GiftCardBin account. If you would like to gift the card to someone else, you can forward the email onto them or print it out and gift to them. 

When do these gift cards expire? 

  • Pursuant to the Card Act of 2009, all gift cards have a minimum 5 year expiration date from the date of activation.