We take fraud and identity protection very carefully, for not only our own protection but that of our customers. We have created a special checkout process where based on the information you provide, you may be asked to go through an additional authentication of your identity. What does this mean? It just means you'll be asked a handful of questions to verify that you are in fact the person you say you are. This helps cut down on fraud and also protects you as a consumer from anyone making unauthorized purchases on our website using your credit card. We do not retain nor use any of the information you provide. Once you successfully complete the additional authentication, your transaction will be successfully processed and completed and you can go on your merry gift-card-saving way! 

But, if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us directly by phone at 1-888-967-0008 or email us at customerservice@giftcardbin.com and we'd be happy to chat about it with you.