An eCard can be redeemed online only. You should receive an email within 1-2 business days prompting you to login to your account to access the card information. You may be first required to verify your identity before your eCard information is released to your account. This is a quick process which takes about 3 to 5 minutes and protects you (and us) from any potential fraud. 

Please note you will receive the card number and pin (if one is available). This is NOT a voucher or a printable of the gift card. A physical card will not be shipped to you. 

Physical card is redeemable in-store and must be used in-store with the physical card in hand. We will ship this card to you. If a Physical card is accompanied by the eCard symbol, this means you can select this card as an eCard at checkout and use this card information for online purchases. You can elect to have the card sent to you as a physical card OR you can select to have the card information sent to your account, to be redeemed online. This selection is made at checkout time. 

A Voucher works just like a physical gift card. It is redeemable in-store. You can print it at home and take it into the store, or show it on your mobile phone. Your Voucher will be sent to you through your GiftCardBin account.