(No camera? Sell a card in person at one of our stores!)

Common FAQs about Selling a Gift Card by text: 

What merchants do you accept? 

 We accept over 600 merchants. Just shoot us a message with the name of the merchant you want to sell and we can let you know if it's one we can accept!

How much will I get paid for my gift card? 

Payouts can range from 60-70% depending on the gift card merchant, card amount and other factors. Once we verify your card balance, we can provide you with a payout amount for your card. 

How quickly will I get paid? 

Payments are sent out by our payment department same business day and will arrive in your account by midnight (12AM PST) if not sooner. 

How will I get paid? 

We can send payment by Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal or just with an email or phone number tied to your bank account. Please be aware that Venmo and Paypal do have a small fee. We do not have control over this fee or see it on our end. It typically is about 3%.

How do I know this isn't a scam? 

We've been in business in 2010 and you can visit our website anytime where we sell the cards we buy from you! www.giftcardbin.com